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Rosetta Stone Patio & Fire Pit

The start to another Rosetta Stone patio and fire-pit project. We love working with this product. Very natural look and amazing product to install. It all starts with some excavating, 48 tons of crushed stone, and 13 pallets of paver materials. It will be right around 900 sq. ft. when completed. We’ll post pics as…

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New Construction Entire Yard Project

New Home Construction Complete Project | Extreme Green Lawn & Landscape | Sussex WI Project

Feature ProjectNEW HOME LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT About the ProjectNew Home Construction A Blank Slate for Landscaping & Entertainment Space This project was a new construction home in Sussex, Wisconsin. We took control of the landscaping starting with the final topsoil/finish grading work all the way to the very last plant installed. The project began in…

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Property Landscaping Hidden Gem

Yard Regrading and Retaining Wall Rebuild Hubertus WI | Extreme Green Lawn and Landscape

This Hubertus, Wisconsin, landscaping hidden gem project was a something of a surprise to the homeowners who had purchased their home in the winter. They found after the snow melted in the spring that the yard needed a little work. In the homeowner’s words, “We uncovered a disastrous and unkempt landscape around every side of…

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Replacing Railroad Ties with Brick Retaining Wall

Replace Railroad Ties Retaining Wall | Extreme Green Lawn & Landscape | Germantown, WI

This backyard retaining wall project included an existing railroad timber wall that was failing and needed to be replaced. Not only did we build the new wall, but we also tore down the existing retaining wall made from railroad ties. Removal of Existing Retaining Wall Material We began the project with the tear-down of the…

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Retaining Wall Between Houses

Side of House Retaining Wall | Extreme Green Lawn & Landscape | Germantown WI

This retaining wall between two houses had us working in some very tight spaces. For this project we were building a retaining wall next to the neighbor’s walkway. Not only did we have a narrow space to work in, we also have to make sure we disturbed as little ground as possible to avoid any…

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Backyard Privacy Fence Project

Privacy Wall Fence in Yard | Extreme Green Lawn & Landscape | Germantown WI

Three Landscaping Challenges Solved with One Backyard Privacy Fence At Extreme Green Lawn & Landscape we’re known for getting creative in solving residential landscaping challenges. We were able to achieve three goals that the customer had requested for this small project. 1. Re-Direct Water Away from the Home’s Foundation The main area of concern was…

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Patio with Seating & Retaining Wall Project

Another completed patio and seating/retaining wall project for a good friend of mine. I appreciate your patience on this and hope you enjoy it now that it’s completed. County Materials Brand paver area with UniLock Brand, Copthorne Soldier Course along with Belgard Brand, Weston Stone Wall material. Finally, Rosetta Brand steps. We threw the whole…

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Hard Hats Required

Extreme Green Lawn & Landscape | Germantown WI

We work on residential landscaping projects of all sizes—existing properties and new construction. This project was a new construction home adjacent to a golf course. As with many new construction landscaping projects we provided grading and lawn installation along with the required home owner’s association plantings. In this case, the homeowner wanted to wait until…

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Sycamore Tree for Fast Growing Shade

Sycamore for Fast Shade | Extreme Green Lawn and Landscape | Germantown WI

Many times we have clients ask us what trees can be planted that will provide fast growing shade as quickly as possible. We recommend a sycamore tree. Installation of a Sycamore Tree with a root ball 54 inches wide and 44 inches tall. About a 6 inch diameter tree approximately 22 feet tall. These trees…

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New Larger Backyard Patio

Feature ProjectBACKYARD UPGRADE About the ProjectSimple Concrete Slab to Dream Outdoor Entertainment Space The homeowners of this project came to us looking for a patio upgrade. They had an existing concrete slab that was poured when the home was originally built. They wanted to increase the size of the patio and add a few new…

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