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Side of House Retaining Wall | Extreme Green Lawn & Landscape | Germantown WI

Retaining Wall Between Houses

This retaining wall between two houses had us working in some very tight spaces.

For this project we were building a retaining wall next to the neighbor’s walkway. Not only did we have a narrow space to work in, we also have to make sure we disturbed as little ground as possible to avoid any failure to that existing work. Factor in both houses, and air conditioning unit, electrical, gas meter, and that makes for some nerve-racking excavation.

With the help of specialized equipment supplied by a West Bend, Wisconsin company that builds Gehl and Mustang excavators (now called Manitou Americas, formerly The Gehl Company), we were able to excavate material safely and easily in preparation to move forward with the construction. Everything went smoothly and the finished product had the customer very satisfied with the project.

When the retaining wall was completed, the homeowner asked us also to do the grading, finish work, sod installation, and plantings for the entire property.